Towelling Eye Mask - Navy AntiDVT Flight Socks

Towelling Eye Mask - Navy Blue Now Only 1.00


If you are looking for a simple low cost basic eye mask then look no further.


This towelling sleep mask has two soft elastic head bands that are more comfortable around your head.  The front and back of the eye mask is made from a towelling material which is soft against your face and eyes.  The mask has a nose bridge; a flap of material that gets tucked in over your nose to help prevent light from entering the mask from underneath your nose area.


Product Features

  • Low Cost Towelling Style Eye Mask
  • Twin Super-Soft elastic headbands
  • Cotton with soft towelling against the eye
  • NoseBridge to prevent light from entering

Our super low priced navy blue eye mask is cushioned and contoured to comfortably block light. Great for bedtime or taking the best nap ever, steal some time for yourself and keep dreaming.


Eye shades promote deep and restful sleep by helping to block light to your eyes. When correctly fitted to the face, they provide a cocoon of darkness, which allows a person to quickly and effortlessly drift into peaceful slumber.



Hand wash in cool water and reshape with hands.  Fabric softener not recommended.

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